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A & R Artist services

With six years as Head of Artist relations for Pearl Europe, David Phillips has a vast array of experience working with a diverse roster of artists. From the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Slipknot and from record companies to promoters, David has a large network of contacts to provide a comprehensive Artist Relations service. In addition, having worked with one of the UK’s largest magazine publishers, Emap, he has years of experience working with the media and generating a huge amount of column inches on a wide variety of stories.

Joey Jordison (Slipknot)

Artist Relations

Artist relations is about looking out for the best interests of the artist and the company. It is essential to build and earn the confidence, trust and friendship of the artist and to provide a great service which understands both the artist and company needs. A & R Marketing will provide a highly individualised professional service and use a wide range of expertise to ensure both the artist and the company’s needs are being serviced.

Monte Pittman, Guitarist (Madonna)
Steve Sidelnyk, Drummer (Madonna)


As well as publicity, A & R Marketing can provide a tailored package to help promote artists to gain them exposure in magazines, company literature and advertising as well as arrange store signings, clinics and features on websites. The amount of promotion will depend on the individual needs, the existing endorsements and current projects

Dave Buckner ( Papa Roach , picture 0710 )


Whether the project is to release a CD, set up interviews, send out news stories or promote a tour, A & R have the contacts and experience to work on your behalf to generate press coverage by ;

- Building on longstanding relationships with magazine editors, freelance journalists, senior directors of magazine publishers

- Maximising in-magazine coverage including Artists signings, Artists
--news and updates.
- Providing expertly written press releases and ensuring they are distributed to key publications.
- Give detailed briefings and support to editors about the artist projects, background and stories.
- Acting as a spokesperson for press stories to ensure artists are projected in a positive way.
- Arranging competitions to provide focus on artists.
- Monitoring key publications and arrange press cuttings

Jummy DeGrasso ( Megadeth, Alice Cooper )

These need to be handled to ensure that both the company and artist benefit from working together. A & R can represent the artist to;

- Source endorsements
- Provide advice on gaining endorsements
- Source equipment at discounted rates
- Give back-up support for tour managers, drum tech’s etc
- Provide equipment for recording, touring, promo, videos needs
- Manage artist requests for new or replacement equipment
- Liaise with companies for international tour support
- Arrange clinic tours and inclusion on key festival line-ups
- Ensure one point of contact for improved communication
- Keep artists are aware of latest products news and changes
- Provide technical help and advice on gear maintenance and use
- Help the artist work with the endorser to develop new products
- Coordinate loaner requests to ensure they are provided on time and as accurately as possible

Horacio-Hernandez (Santana, Italuba,
Jack Bruce)
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