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Introduction to A & R Marketing
A & R Marketing - An Introduction

A & R Marketing specialises in music industry marketing, working with many of the worlds top artists and some of the most respected instrument brands in the music business.

We handle artist relations for the world renowned Drum Workshop company as well as working with Istanbul Agop cymbals. Artist relations services include managing existing artist rosters, spotting new talent, tour support, organising clinic tours, photography and arranging press interviews. From photographing Graham Broad ( Roger Waters band ) ,  arranging interview’s for Nathan Followill ( Kings of Leon ) organising loaner gear for Genesis at the Live Earth concert to booking a UK clinic tour for Sebastiaan De Krom ( Jamie Cullum band ) ; A & R Marketing work with artists, tech’s , backline companies, manufacturers, festival organisers, tour managers and booking agents to provide a comprehensive artist support service.

A & R Marketing offers a professional, reliable, high-quality marketing consultancy bringing a wealth of music industry experience, superb contacts and years of marketing experience.

Detailed Marketing services include;

Advertising management
Public/ Press Relations
Promotions and third party promotions
Product management
Market Research
Marketing / Brand Management
Artist Relations
Creative Brainstorming
Trade Marketing
Project management
Publishing consultancy
Exhibitions bespoke services
Merchandising and shop design
Sourcing products and services
Event management
Web site analysis
Marketing action plans
Strategy development
Trouble shooting

To find out more about how A & R Marketing can help improve your business and meet your marketing needs go to our contact page;

To find out more about David Phillips click here.

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