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For the past few years, how many I can’t really say, because it seems that whenever I needed to contact Pearl Drums, Dave Phillips was the man that answered, and solved all my problems. In fact it’s always the same when something works perfectly you never think about it, it’s been like that with Dave, and while he was at Pearl everything just WORKED. I wish him well in his new venture, but I will miss him being the "Pearl Guy" at the other end of the phone.

Ian Paice ( Deep Purple )

Dave's one of the best in the business! We knew we could always rely on Dave in the studio & on the road for quick & reliable back up. Top man!

Andy Williams ( Doves )

I’ve been a professional musician for 23years, worked in clubs and arenas for the great and the good from Van Morrison to Ronan Keating ,been in theatre and TV and played on more albums than I can remember and in all that time I’ve learned one thing; “THIS BUSINESS IS ABOUT PEOPLE”. I. have only ever been as good as the people I work with. Good people in this business are as rare as hens teeth and should be treasured. Good people are usually in this for the same reasons that we are, they’re passionate ,committed, driven, generous with their time , but don’t waste time, they’re at the top of their game all of the time and they never, ever let you down when you’re in a tight spot.
If all this sounds familiar to you guys out there in PEARL WORLD then all I need do is substitute the phrase GOOD PEOPLE with the name DAVE PHILIPS and you get the message ,right! Since joining Pearl 4 years ago Dave has transformed my whole professional experience. Professional means RELIABLE, if I’m in gear trouble on a world tour with RK or doing a session with VM then I need professionals on my side. Dave Phillips is at the top of that list as far as I’m concerned. “Need a kit in a studio yesterday Dave” .....DONE. “Need a new kit for a ten week TV series Dave “ ... Done. “Off to South Africa Dave “ ...Done.
This guy personifies the TOP OF HIS GAME idea, and all this with a smile for goodness sake, and all this for a hundred other people just like me with the same ridiculous demands.
That kind of relationship has to be repaid in spades. Dave Phillips is one of the PROFESSIONALS, GOOD GUYS, MAKE IT HAPPEN GUYS , who makes this business work. But he doesn’t just make it work he makes it a pleasure, now that is rare. D.P. HAS BEEN AT THE CORE OF MY RELATIONSHIP WITH PEARL , HE IS ‘MR PEARL’ TO ANY ONE WHO HAS WORKED WITH HIM .I’LL BE WORKING WITH HIM FOR AS LONG AS I’M DOING THIS STUFF LONG MAY HE PROSPER.

Liam Bradley. ( Ronan Keating, Van Morrison, sessions )

I have known Dave for over 2 years now and he's has been a pleasure to work with.If we haven’t spoken in a while Dave would phone me and see how everything was going and if I needed anything, he's laid back and real easy to get along with, for me its so important to have that sort of vibe - knowing that Dave was always there and willing to help me out as much as he could. It's a real shame Dave is leaving pearl, artist relations is something that takes time to build and for me Dave was great at providing that comfort factor where I didn’t have to worry about getting gear and he would always have the time to sort out anything I needed. He also put in a good word at rhythm magazine and I got a great piece written on my work with 'the streets'.I will definitely look to work with him in the future.

John Jenkins ( The Streets )

I've been with Pearl drums for three years and in that time Dave has been there every time whether I'm in the studio or on tour. He knows what he's talking about when it comes to drums and when I need help and advice about Pearl products I know I'll get first class service. He's one of the nicest guys I know in the business and a good friend. Top guy.

Clive Jenner {Groove Armada, Freestylers, Roots Manuva & Tom McRae}. (Photo courtesy of James Cumpsty)

I had the pleasure of meeting Dave in 2000 when he signed me as an endorsee artist to Pearl's percussion roster. Since then, we've worked together with Pearl supporting me on various tours including Pet Shop Boys and Lionel Richie. Having the reassurance of knowing Dave was on the end of the phone while I've been on the other side of the world, has made each tour a breeze in terms of having the right gear at the right time. He has always encouraged and supported me through my career so far, and I look forward to working with him again in the future........Thanks Dave!

Dawne Adams ( Pet Shop Boys, Lionel Richie )

Touring creates complex equipment demands around the world, I’ve relied on one man to meet those demands...Dave Phillips, real support, wherever, whenever. Don't leave home without him!!!

Carlos Hercules ( Beverly Knight, George Michael, Eurythmics )

I was contacted by Dave Philips back in Spring 05 with regards to establishing an endorsement deal with Pearl. Despite having interest from other drum manufacturers, Dave was very persuasive and convinced me that I should sign to the company. Since then I have not been disappointed!

Dave always has a good manner and is approachable. He responds immediately to phone calls, and has time to talk. In turn, this makes me feel respected. He is positive, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the product. Therefore, as an endorsee of the company, his attitude has meant that I remain convinced to stay with the brand.

Ian Matthews ( Kasabian )

I’ve had the great pleasure of being a friend and working with Dave Phillips on many projects for some groovy years now…. it’s never been a dull moment….He has stood by us all at Sanctuary Artists Management ….. Listened to our requests for help no matter how crazy, no matter the time of day or night we called him. Joey Jordison (SLIPKNOT) just one of our many Sanctuary Artists would testify to that in a heart beat...

Johnnie Allan, Sanctuary Artist Services (TOUR PRODUCTION DEPT)
I have known Dave for the past seven years from being endorsed by Pearl when I was touring with my band - Pitchshifter. The first time I met him he actually came to one of our gigs - a rarity nowadays to get a great service from someone AND a personal touch too! Since then Dave has always advised me on my career as a drummer and has always found the time to talk on a professional & personal level whilst sorting his own business affairs out to his usual high efficiency! I will miss his him at Pearl - but I am glad he has pushed the boat out to excel himself at his OWN venture. Real pros deserve this chance, and Dave is one I would like to continue working with in the future
Jason Bowld ( Pitchshifter, This is Menace )
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